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The Heart of the Wounded Healer

Walking in Two Worlds as a Way of Life

A five-day residential training intensive

with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

When the training is full we will activate the Wait List Button.


With The Heart of the Wounded Healer, Dr. Estés invites you on a five-day training intensive to investigate the wounds we bear or have inherited from our loved ones, our ancestors, the over culture -- to understand them, illuminate their hidden wisdom, and take the treasure they offer to help us to do good work in the world -- from a two world perspective which is unique and powerful.




Dr. Estés teaches in two worlds--it's one of her hallmarks. Open to men and women of heart, this training will be in depth, pragmatic, and down to earth, and will  offer teachings from time-honored ways from the world less visible but palpably felt.  As Dr. Estés says, "...for to live in two worlds ought not be a tourist drive by, a thrill seeking, nor a hyper fascination. It is not a career, nor a curiosity trip unleashed by little monkey ego. It is a sacred and consecrated commitment, and equally so, a loving devotion to live deep into both worlds, with full consciousness of one's foibles and gifts. It is to strive to live daily in a holy way, guided by daily ritual: to marry the two worlds to one another, the best of each, the most useful and helpful of each, to effect change and put in  place goodness, love, betterment, and solid transformation of circumstances and challenges."

We will explore the core of this way of life.  Dr. Estés reveals true healing is an inner journey, one in which the healer acts as a guide and support--but never the ultimate source. And our most reliable source of wisdom is always available when we return to our own experiences of wounding. This exploration of our own journey is essential for our understanding of the creative process and meaning of true healing. The wound is the basis for the powerful healing of self, and not only self, but often by presence alone, other souls as well.

Once we reorient toward embracing the creative forces behind all healing--including those which are psychic, as well as those found in our own biospheres-- we enter a more realistic and effective relationship with the methods and techniques we use in our own practices as we walk in more than one world.

This teaching will empower you to stand with greater confidence. Dr. Estés will teach you the methods for finding and creating your own healing techniques and self purifications. She will teach you  'given songs,' 'given ceremonies'--meaning those given uniquely by spirit that look like and sound like no one else's--while also standing in the reality of the person you are working with, to help them navigate and make holy their passages on their own unique and mysterious journey, wherever it leads. Dr. Estés will also teach how to serve others as a guide without becoming lost in their struggles--or one's own.

With The Heart of the Wounded Healer, you are invited to join one of today's most innovative teachers in a deep, heartfelt exploration of healing, why we are drawn to this path, whom we serve, and how we can become more solidified when walking in two worlds as a healer.

This training is a series of five annual meetings. You are not required to attend all five meetings.  New students will be asked for an interview and all participants may be asked for  a written questionnaire, all as part of the registration process.


Helping and healing professionals; people who have looked into themselves and matured over time; those who are seriously and deeply drawn to this way of life and study; people who hold gentle hope to ever learn more.

This is a training for the dedicated learner who has and is working to help place ego in second position, Soul in first position.

It is for people who can enter “the closed container," remain in soul and spirit,  attend fully every session, and be present and be willing to go deep -- perhaps for some, while enduring discomfort, if any (physical, emotional or psychological) that might arise, for this may be part of one’s own personal process.

It is for those who have the physical ability to do some of this work outdoors if asked (nothing arduous, but being able to be outdoors on a short trek for instance).

It is for those who think they hear the summons and are serious, who seek to learn the benefits and honored ways of prayer and ceremony and ancient healing traditions, who can value the spirit in all things, including one’s own ancestors, and listen with an open and ‘beginner’s mind’ and heart.


June 9-14, 2020
Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, CO


TUESDAY | June 9, 2020

1:00—5:00pm Registration and orientation at Sunrise Ranch

6:00 & 6:15pm Dinner served

7:00—9:00pm Meet with Dr. Estés

WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY | June 10 - 13, 2020

7:30am Breakfast

9:30am—12:00pm Meet with Dr. Estés

12:00 & 12:15pm Lunch

2:30—5:00pm Meet with Dr.Estés

6:00 & 6:15pm Dinner

7:00—9:00pm Meet with Dr. Estés


SUNDAY | June 14, 2020

7:30am Breakfast

9:30am—12:00pm Meet with Dr. Estés and evaluations

12:00 & 12:15pm Lunch

12:30pm  Departure


Please arrange your travel so you can attend every meeting with Dr. Estés, June 9-14. This is a prerequisite for enrollment in this training.



 Please add yourself to Dr. Estés' email list to be notified about all future trainings and events.

After you register, you will be contacted by email for an interview, and a written questionnaire will be sent to you. You must be fluent in English to attend this training.

Tuition is $1,795

A minimum $500 deposit or payment in full is required upon registration.

Tuition balance of $1,295 is due by April 16, 2020. If you have not paid by this date we may assume you are not coming and fill your seat.

  • All cancellations must be in writing.

  • Cancellation of deposit: $100 fee if cancelled on or before March 9th.

  • Deposit is non-refundable after March 9th.

  • Cancellation on or before March 9th, refund less a $100.

  • Cancellation on or before April 16th, refund less a $300.

  • Cancellation on or before May 15th, refund less $500.

  • After May 15th your tuition payment is non-refundable.

  • Please read our Registration, Cancellations & Logistics Page for full details on cancellations, refunds and transfers.

Continuing Education hours $55

A link will be emailed at a later date to registered participants for Continuing Education hours sign-up and payment. This link will take you to the R. Cassidy Seminars website for payment and registration. They will issue the CE certificate at the end of the training. Please attend all the classes for five days to receive your hours. Please be sure to sign in at the registration table June 5 and pick up your printed instructions. Thank you.

Certificate of Completion  $10 non refundable

Registered participants can opt to receive a Certificate of Completion from Clarissa Pinkola Estés' Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies Institute. Simply add this to your cart in addition to your tuition payment at the time of registration, or you can sign up at registration the first day. Please attend all the classes for five days and be present the last day to receive the certificate. We do not create or mail certificates post training.

Travel & Lodging

Travel and lodging are not included in the tuition. All trainings take place at Sunrise Ranch, in Loveland, Colorado. Please visit our Registration, Cancellations & Logistics Page for details. It is highly recommended that you reserve your lodging at the same time as you register. Due to the meeting schedule we recommend you stay on or near the Ranch if possible.

Hotel Shuttle:  Available if you book the recently upgraded La Quinta Inn and Suites, Loveland, through Sunrise Ranch. The shuttle brings you to the Ranch in the morning and returns you to the hotel after the last session at night. We will send the schedule and more information to you before the training start date. $65 nonrefundable and nontransferable. Please be sure you need this shuttle before you pay in advance.

DIA Shuttle (“Fun Bus”): Direct charter to the airport if you have an outgoing flight the last day of the training that leaves at or after 4:00pm. Buses leave the Ranch at 12:30pm and 2:30pm. $40 nonrefundable and nontransferable. Please be sure you need this airport shuttle before you pay in advance. You can also sign up at registration your first day.

Cancellations, Transfers & Refund Policies

Please visit our Registration, Cancellations & Logistics Page for details on cancellation, transfer, and refund policies for all of Dr. Estés' trainings