The Beginners Guide to Dream Interpretation


From five to seven times each night, we dream and glimpse into a reality not normally available to us. Now Jungian psychoanalyst and author Clarissa Pinkola Estés explores the symbols, themes, and insights of these letters from our unconscious, with the beginning student in mind.

From common dreams such as flying, falling, or being chased, to the seven types of unusual dreams, The Beginner's Guide to Dream Interpretation demystifies popular misconceptions and offers concrete techniques for recalling and uncovering the hidden meanings of your dreams for inspiration and guidance.

For anyone eager to make sense of these gifts from the Dreammaker, here is an accessible new primer from this eloquent authority on dreams and their archetypal power.


  • Dreams: what they are—and where they come from
  • A simple, creative approach to dream interpretation
  • Recall exercises, dream associations, and other tools from psychoanalysis


Available Formats

  1. Audio CD or Audio Download